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Must-Have Wedding Day To-Do List

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On your wedding day, the main thing to remember is to relax and enjoy. You do not want be doing any running around, heavy lifting or admin.  But there are a few little things that need to be done. The chores listed below are not complicated nor are they time-consuming, but once done, you can be guaranteed that your day will be awesome. Choose what’s important to your wedding and delegate tasks and make sure your to do list is DONE!!!

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Your Wedding Morning To-Do List

  • Eat a good breakfast – try to eat something high in protein.
  • Water – glowing skin and energy relies on good hydration! Just be sure not to overload and be running to the bathroom all day…not fun!
  • Get someone to collect last-minute flowers, décor or the wedding cake.
  • Have a timeline and keep an eye on it.  Time flies when having fun
  • Have cash on hand to pay people who have provided a service, or for tips.
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Things to Do for the Ceremony

  • Ask a friend to be at the ceremony early to make sure everything is in order.
  • Give wedding bands to the best man to hold during the ceremony.
  • Have someone hold your signed marriage license until the end of the evening so it doesn’t get lost!
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Things to Do for the Reception

  • We mentioned this before…Pay suppliers who still need partial or full payment. Envelopes with names help here.
  • We mentioned this as well…If you are tipping waiting staff, have this cash ready in envelopes too.
  • Have a place/person to take your presents and/or cards and make sure to have a place for them to be kept, thefts do happen.
  • Make sure you introduce the wedding photographer to the wedding planner and anyone else that might be able to help.
  • Pick a family member (Perhaps your dad/in-law) to be the photographer’s contact so they know who is who.
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If your wedding day is upcoming and you’re still not sure what to put on the to-do list, leave it off.  At the end of the day you want to be happy and make sure guests had a wonderful time.  If they don’t know it is not supposed to be there…they will not notice it missing.

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